Corporate Private Art Party

  • $425.00

Host an unforgettable, intimate gathering at our temporary Encinitas House of Art BUNGALOW location.

The corporate team will discover a shared creative pulse through an enriching art project, nurturing stronger bonds, invigorating work ethics, and ultimately driving a surge in productivity. This unique time together is absolutely FUN.

Here are some details regarding hosting your event at The Encinitas House of Art Bungalow:

This listing is for a 1.5 hr private team building event with one crafty experience guided by our very own House of Art creative chefs.

Click on "Select Time" to see the available time slots for your ideal calendar date. 

If you need your party longer - you can book back to back :) *we also have pre-approved 30 min increment adds ($45 per 30min)

Things to Know:

-       Located in downtown Encinitas, walk to restaurants/bars

-       Respect our sacred space

-      Please read the automatic download upon purchase (location/parking          guides/bungalow guidelines)

-      We cater the creative experience around the party / honoree theme

-       Crafts can get messy, dress appropriately

-       Bathroom on site

-       Paint/Glitter Free-Zone for lounging 

-       You are allowed to bring your own supplies and / or decor

-       Food/Snacks OK

-       Adult Beverages allowed

-       15 max art participants (we can have an isolated 'lounge' area for additional non participating guests) *additional fee for more participants (ADD HERE)

-       We have outdoor heaters, but please dress accordingly for the weather


 What’s included:


-       Professional direction from our creative chef or other local creatives

-       Various Creative Experience  (can be themed based on team building needs, corporate climate, etc)

-       Site rental plus 15 minutes on each end for setup and breakdown

-       Craft supplies

-       Tables and benches


Additional Fees:

A $200 securtiy deposit hold for incidentals - returned to you upon end of party  

Late fee of $50 per half an hour delay after end time

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us:

*Invites are provided digitally if needed - just ask! email us at  

Encinitas House of Art is to be respected as a sacred creative space that can benefits the youth and creative individuals in our community.