Covid-19 Prevention

I hope you and your families are safe, healthy and happy during these continuing fluid times. Especially as we enter the Holiday Season.

With family as first responders (some in Manhattan,) we have felt it immensely emotionally... and drastically as a business owner. This has been a tough, non-stop-pivoting-jump-though-hoopity-hoop style adventure, filled mostly with bringing smiles and sparkles to our sweet community.

Our guests, art groms and team members are as important to us as our community: we are here to provide mental health AND all around health. To keep our tiny business safe, alive and providing sparkles, we are continuing with our upstanding health protocols. We ask all guests to continue honoring and upholding these values, as well.

Our top priority and commitment is making sure you are SAFE and happy.

A few things to know:

Any/all employees, team members, art groms or guests be of good health (no cough, sneeze, fever or any symptoms that could be related to this dangerous virus.)

We have taken measures to keep guests safely distanced during their visit. Please honor this, staying at your designated 'station.' Our stations are approximately 7 feet apart from others.

Please wear your mask for the duration of your visit at the House of Art. All our team members will continue to provide our creative services while wearing a mask.

Since reopening in June, our studio has been operating at approximately 20% and will continue to maintain this small size.

We are still re-building from the devastating flood in April and the March-June closure we have experienced, so we appreciate your patience & understanding

Everything is online :) Pre-book and checkout via our website (you're on it!) If you have questions, we are accessible via email and instagram DM. 

Art and the associated tools are high-touch, we have implemented 'stations' with assigned touch-points that are specific to that guest(s.) All surfaces / products / tools are disinfected during and after workshops. Hand sanitizer is always out for our team members and guests. 

During this time, we have made every visit at the studio 'private' or 'prebooked' we are not taking any public facing appointments. Only pre-booked guests should be in our studio patio space.

Our hearts are full of awe and wonder at your willingness to enjoy the powerful tool of art during these uncertain times. It has been a crucial part of OUR lives, and it is an honor to share it when it's needed most. Thank you for your creativity, business, and courage to try new things. You are amazing.

Wishing you health, happiness and safety during this time... a season that looks different from the past...but offers opportunities to experience new traditions.

Much love,

The Encinitas House of Art Family