Winter Worksheet Booklet 2

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Each worksheet booklet consists of 3 or 4 exercises. 

How to: purchase and download, click print, sit and get to work!


The experience of awe, problem solving and creative risks, foster the development of healthy characteristics. Promoting mental strength through learning techniques that are fun, safe and in alignment with the House of Art’s beliefs for building better and brighter futures. Anything is possible when you have the right tools (these tools often come from within) and our simple (but fun) worksheets are designed to help illuminate that inner strength.

While these worksheets are simple, they can take anywhere between ten minutes to 90 minutes for all three. It is up to your inner artist or art grom.

Download and print on white cardstock or regular copy paper. Cardstock usually holds paint/water better.

8.5 in x11 in

Set up your art space:

put protective sheet under any art area

Suggested materials:

• markers &/or crayons

• pencil

• watercolor paints

• acrylic paint set

• interesting materials (scrap paper / candy wrapper / glitter / gemstones

• paint brushes

• cup of water to clean brushes

• paper towel to dry brushes

• wet wipes

• scissors

Artwork owned and copyrighted by © Encinitas House of Art

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