TEEN Art Workshops - Wednesdays 5:30-7pm

  • $25.00

Teen Art Workshops from 5:30-7pm Wednesdays.

Welcome to our Teen Art Workshops, where creativity sparks neural fireworks! As a passionate advocate for the intersection of art and brain health, we've designed these independent sessions to empower teens with the principles of art, fostering a space where imagination meets the canvas. Each workshop is a journey through color, form, and expression, tailored to encourage self-discovery and enhance cognitive flexibility. Our participants learn to harness the power of their minds through artistic practice, nurturing their innate creativity and unlocking a world of untapped potential. Join us and experience the transformative impact of art on the developing brain, all while creating your own unique masterpieces in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Recommend to sign up for the 4 week (5 weeks in May!) workshop. Each week will be a different creative principle.

Great for all levels of artistic abilities. Good brain cross-training for athletes. 

Encinitas House of Art is to be respected as a sacred creative space that can benefits the youth and creative individuals in our community. 

Recommended Ages 12yr - 17yr

Things to know: 

1) Food / Drink ok!

2) We might make a mess, we have aprons, so dress accordingly!

3) This is fun solo OR with friends

4) Prepare yourself for creative freedom

5) Keep an eye out for the instant download at purchase