Private Art Lesson

  • $65.00

Private Art Lesson with Isabella at the enchanting Encinitas House of Art studio.

This listing is for 1 on 1 Private Lessons with Isabella. Good news, Isabella host group lessons for 2-4 persons.

For Groups (2-4) $40 per person for 90 min session, $50 per person for 120min session. Payment to be collected at lesson.

While classes are grounded in fundamental concepts of drawing and painting, these serve merely as starting points. Lessons are tailored to each student's unique needs – I will guide them to gain new skills and confidence through playful and experimental exploration of materials. Any level of experience is welcome. I will assess the experience and interest of each student in a preliminary class through simple creative exercises and conversation. From there, a loose curriculum will be created that supports the pursuits of each artist.

Topics/skills offered (students may choose one or two emphases or a combination of multiple topics!): 

  • Observational drawing - learn to see like an artist!

    • Still life (staged objects)

    • Landscape

    • Animals

    • Human figure

  • Design and composition basics

  • Color theory

  • Light, shadow, and tonality

  • How to plan a picture – sketching and thumbnailing 

  • Cartooning basics

  • Available mediums:

    • Pencil

    • Paint

    • Watercolor

    • Ink

    • Charcoal

    • Pastel

    • Collage

    • Mixed media

Structure of lessons (regardless of topic): 

Classes will begin with a 10-15 minute drawing warm up. The instructor will then introduce/demonstrate a new skill/concept. A prompt for the day will be given that is open to change depending on the students’ vision. For the majority of class student(s) will think critically and work to implement aspects of learned concepts into their artwork with provided materials. Instructor will assist as needed, always encouraging the student to push themselves without getting in the way of their organic creative process. The lesson will conclude with a brief reflection on what was learned.

About the artist: Isabella is a rising senior in UCLA's dynamic undergraduate art program. She specializes in drawing and painting, with a strong foundation in art history and mixed-media. Combining technical skills with a contemporary, imaginative approach, Isabella offers a unique perspective that welcomes young artists of all levels. With over 5 years of teaching experience across a wide range of ages and disciplines, she merges her lifelong passion for art with a versatile teaching style. Check out her work: @estrella.artwork