Heather's Private Patio Art Festivity - Dec 2

December 2nd, 3:30pm-5pm

Enjoy a magical afternoon of creativity under the twinkling cafe lights at Encinitas House of Art celebrating Heather Olson's 40th! This coveted, relaxing evening is exclusive to 7 painters. Show up, and enjoy a self guided painting experience by one of our very own local creatives.

The routine of life often dulls our senses, mushing our vision into grey tones. This quick evening of casual painting and guilt free relaxation is designed to rejuvenate your mind, providing a big dose of color saturation. This is self-care. Sign up solo, with a friend, loved one, date, family member, group - seating is limited due to CDC guidelines, it is encouraged to book your spot as early as possible. Stay connected via instagram for any last minute updates.

Things to Know:

-       This workshop is outdoors, in a garden setting (it can get cold, dress warm!)

-       Please wear a face covering when near others

-       Crafts can get messy, dress appropriately

-       You can take a creative break anytime you like, we just ask you respect the                   creative flow of those around you.

-       Canvas, paint, paint brushes provided

-       You can bring your own supplies (price is still same)

-       Food and Beverages allowed

We look forward to hosting your creative self!



Please wear a face covering when near others.

Our studio space has been modified with precautions adjusting to the threat of Covid19.

This includes moving most of the space to the outdoor, breezy patio.

We have developed guidelines based on the CDC’s recommendations, and will provide those documents once the party is booked. All gathering at the House of Art is limited to 10 people. Our space has been created and exists to foster creativity and provide a magical little escape from the hustle from the outside world. It is here for fun and enjoyment.

Respect of our neighbors and rules is upmost. In order to keep such a charming lil’ eclectic studio, we ask you honor these simple guidelines during this very fluid time. We love you, with a heaping side of airhugs!


If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us: info@encinitashouseofart.com or shoot us a quick message on instagram @encinitashouseofart